Common birds

April 16, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Everybody wants great Eagle images. Yet the tiny common birds also have much to offer. I was laying on the sand watching and photographing these little fellows:

They are amazing. They can run incredibly fast. They run so fast that you can hardly see their little legs. This makes them hard to photograph since most cameras' autofocus systems are just too slow to catch up with these little guys. You have to pan (move the camera with the bird as it runs) so fast to get them in frame. Doing so with a long lens can also be difficult. Because these are common little birds does not mean that they are not challenging to photograph.

          Once again, try to catch them doing something. Here I got it with both feet off of the ground, as also the one below:

Catch them with something in the beak.

Here is another bird trying to eat a feast too big for its mouth. And here it is when it is struggling to get the meal down:

These are just common birds but they are still interesting. We often think that we need to travel here or there to be able to get good images but you can get images like these wherever you are. Even common Gulls will do:

Just keep watching them with your finger on the shutter release.


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