Neutral Density Filters

December 29, 2019 - I have heard many digital photographers say that they do not use filter because they do everything in post processing. E...
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Lead-in lines

December 22, 2019 - If you have followed my blogs and photographs you will know that I like to use lead-in lines because they powerfully nud...
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Reflections on water

December 15, 2019 - Reflections on water can make for great imagery. They can captivate the viewers' attention and make them look at an imag...
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Juxtaposition weight

December 08, 2019 - I have written about visual weight before and am doing so again today because it is important to composition and balance...
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Order from chaos

December 01, 2019 - The way nature arranges itself can seem chaotic to us. Trees don't naturally grow in straight lines. Rocks don't tend to...
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