About: Pierre Steenberg

Pierre Steenberg started seriously doing photography at the age of fifteen. His first camera was an old used Ricoh screw mount camera. The camera was manual only and had a needle to judge the exposure with. This camera forced him to really learn about ISO, f stops, and shutter speeds. Soon a passion for photography was awakened that burns even more today.

          At the age of sixteen, he won the second prize in a nationally televised photography contest. Many more awards and competition success followed, including numerous salon acceptances. Pierre's photographs have been used commercially all over the world. Such use includes science textbooks, travel and finance magazines, Japanese and U.S.A. billboards, calendars, and more. These photographs are for sale worldwide through Alamy.com (a major macro stock photography agency). Photographs are also sold on this website in both print form (on various products) and as digital files.


Pierre's photographic experience is vast and includes:

  • Photographer for the South African Airforce (Aerial) 
  • Press cricket (the sport) photographer in South Africa
  • School photographer including portraits, marketing material, etc.
  • School sports photographer (basketball and football tournaments)
  • Commercial photography for conferences (both the banners, branding, and event photography)
  • Wedding photographer (about ten years doing many weddings every year)
  • Landscape photography (co-instructs photographic workshops)
  • Wildlife photography (living in Africa for thirty years including photographing wildlife in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Namibia)
  • Certified photography high school teacher (taught photography at a high school for three years - freshmen through seniors)

Pierre is a seasoned and well-published photographer with over thirty years of diverse photographic experience.