Birds in action

April 09, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Action always makes photographs more interesting. I am a novice when it comes to birds, their identity, and their behavior. However, to increase our changes of getting good images we have to learn the birds' behavior so that we can better predict when action will happen. Hence I spend time just watching the birds, getting to know them. Then I start shooting by just following them with my camera constantly. When action happens I shoot using a high frame rate.

          Birds have a larger wingspan than we think. We often compose our images too tightly. Then when the wings start flapping or when they jump or fight we are disappointed because a wing or beak or something is clipped. Frame them a bit looser in the image so that when action happens there is enough space in the frame for it to happen in without amputating some part of the bird. Here are a few action or action-ish images of birds:

Action can be anything the birds do such as preening, shaking off water, etc. It does not have to be much. Any movement or action is better than a bird just sitting on a stick (which is also beautiful, just not as interesting). Use fast shutter speeds to freeze the action. Action does not happen every second, so we just need to be patient but ready.


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