My Prairie Chicken journey

May 28, 2023 - A year or so ago I saw a gorgeous image of two male Prairie Chickens fighting. That image inspired me to embark on my ow...
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May 21, 2023 - Cropping images to our linking can be subjective. There is the famous rule of thirds that many people follow. But even f...
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Creating separation between the subject and the background

May 14, 2023 - Sometimes the subject of the image stands out beautifully from the background. Such images are often striking and beauti...
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Luminar Neo SALE

May 12, 2023 - Breaking News! Luminar Neo is having a mother's day sale. Luminar Neo is image editing software that is easy to use and...
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Creating extra space in Photoshop

May 07, 2023 - As promised last week, today we are going to magically create extra space. I use this technique from time to time to fix...
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