Positioning the sun

August 29, 2021 - I a recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park I decided to stop at a particular location to wait for sunset. As I always...
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Shoot a series

August 22, 2021 - We often think of photography as a single image capturing one moment in time. But then again, video is simply a bunch of...
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August 15, 2021 - Seascapes offer great photographic opportunities. Those opportunities include nice beaches, rocks, wave action (splashin...
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August 08, 2021 - It has been years since I printed an image. During the Black Friday sale after the USA's Thanksgiving, I indulged and bo...
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Black and white

August 01, 2021 - Black and white images are still appealing, and why not, they can be striking. So how do we decide to go black and wh...
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