Forest Streams

March 16, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Forest streams are still all about light and composition. In December I walked to a spot I have visited many times before. That spot has yielded some very nice images for me before. When I got their I was quite disappointed because the scene was ruined by a storm that moved rubble in to the scene. So I started to explore other options near by. I walked and scouted for some time until I came to this scene:

You may be tempted to think that I just walked up to the scene and took this image. I wish this was what happened but it was not. The entire scene was explored. Sometimes images just don't jump out at me. I have to work the scene. I walk this way, that way, and this way again. I look at the foreground. I tried this and tried that and sometimes nothing seems to work. Luckily it was overcast and I had the time to explore without loosing the light, in fact, I am glad that it took me time to get to this composition since the light changed and warmed up the scene.

          Forest streams often make the best photographs when it is overcast, when the sun is trying to break through. Fog also goes well with forest streams. In this scene I tried to create a lead-in line with the flowing water. A slow shutter speed was used to emphasize the water flow. A 16-35 mm lens was used and the camera is close to the water. The goal was to get the viewer drawn into the image, front to back.

          I like this image a lot which teaches me to be patient and not to give up. My son was with me on this occasion and I remember telling him how frustrated I was that I just could not get the composition right and that I was struggling to "see" the image. Just be out photographing when the light works with what you are trying to shoot and keep on working the scene until the composition clicks.


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