It does not always take much

September 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

It does not always take much to make a pleasing image. We may want to give up on photography because we do not have access to famous iconic locations. What if you don't live near majestic landscapes? We often think that the place makes the difference. Yes, the location and scenery does help but you are not stuck without it.

My wife and I visited the lake but due to the vegetation we had no access to the shoreline. Literally the only two places where I could get to the water was of the image with the fishing pier and this location. But even this location did not offer much of a view. Instead of not getting an image this is the time to get creative.

          First, look at what you have to work with. Can you zoom in and isolate something? Can you do something with the sun? How about a sun-star? (see previous blogs on how to create a sun-star. Does going low down offer a more interesting view? Play around with your options. I find a cell phone helpful for this process. I use my phone's camera to look at all the angles and possibilities before making a decision and photographing it with my "good" camera. It is just easier to walk around and try things out this way since my camera is on the tripod, and moving the whole rig around requires more motivation.

          This image will certainly not win any awards but it is a pleasing image given that I had almost nothing to work with. You will be surprised what you can get if you start playing around with what you have in front of you.


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