Shoot a series

August 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

We often think of photography as a single image capturing one moment in time. But then again, video is simply a bunch of still images stacked together and played fast enough to show smooth motion. Why not try to shoot in a series. Perhaps tell a story by using multiple images. One could also show progression with a series of images. A person could also return to the same spot multiple times and capture the same thing. One could develop a theme using a series of images. There is perhaps no more famous series of images than the series that show all four seasons taken from the same spot.

          I went back to the same spot multiple times to photograph a tree. The idea was not to duplicate the same image during different conditions or seasons but rather to just capture different images of the same tree. All of the images were taken around sunset. By and large, the only object tying this series of images together is the lone tree.

Oak tree silhouette with red skyOak tree silhouette with red sky Why not try a fun project like this?


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