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It has been years since I printed an image. During the Black Friday sale after the USA's Thanksgiving, I indulged and bought discounted credits for a print. I was given one year to upload and print my image. Back in the day when I used to print it was an expensive ordeal. The print was on paper and this part was cheap, but then it had to be mounted on a backing board and I used two matting boards as well. Then I had to buy a frame. All of this was costly, a hassle, and time-consuming. The biggest thing that bothered me was the size. I used to print at 20x30 (inches) and mount to a 24x36. This size, for me, was just too small.

          There is just something magical about a LARGE print. They tend to draw people in. They have impact and punch. They command attention. As such I have always enjoyed large prints but never printed them myself due to the cost. However, this time around I decided to print a 30X45 (without a frame). When people saw this print they were very impressed. Multiple people wanted to buy it, without me even offering it for sale. This size print works very well above a couch in my office. I was in love with this print. This love did not last long because I decided to print a 40x60 and now anything smaller seems too small. Wow!

(Please forgive me, these images were quickly snapped with my cell phone.) Everybody who comes to my house stands in front of this print and just stares at it. This print gives me so much joy.

          After I fell out of love with printing on paper, mounting, matting, and framing it, I just did not print for years. Then metal prints came out. The colors popped and they looked fabulous. However, they suffer from major reflection issues, so much so that it ruined the viewing experience. Their pricing is also expensive once you print large. I just printed four metal prints and quit printing. I never liked canvas prints because of the grain of the fabric. Their colors just seemed a bit muted to me. So on what is this print printed and what is it?

          This print is from Xpozer. I am in love with printing! Here is why I love their technology and why I highly recommend these prints:

  • Print quality - This image looks great, even close up. There is no visible grain. The colors are true.

  • Zero reflections - Even when I tried to see reflections there are none to be found. I deliberately held it up to lights and large windows, yet there are no reflections. It is as if it is not a print and you are really standing in front of an open window looking at this scene.

  • Viewing angle - The print a viewable from almost 180 degrees with just about no degradation.

  • Shipping and transportation - This print comes in a triangular box. Gone are the days of expensive, heavy, and costly shipping crates. When I need to transport this print to my office or to an exhibition, it just rolls up in seconds.

  • Innovative frame - The framing system (behind the print) is ingenious. You assemble this print from unpacking it to ready to hang in one minute. Disassembly for transportation is just as quick and easy.

  • Service - One print had a few spots on it. Xpozer replaced it, done. When I ordered this large print my file size was too large. I emailed them and they sent me an upload link. I dealt with real people.

  • Lightweight - The printing material (it is thin, kind of a hybrid between paper and fabric without grain) and the framing system behind it are super light. You can hang it on just about anything.

If you want great-looking prints that are easy to deal with Xpozer is your answer. I highly recommend them.

P.S. This post is not sponsored in any way. I paid for my prints and receive no reward for posting this blog.


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