Tree-lined roads

July 18, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Tree-lined roads make for a nice photographic subject. They frame the road. The road leads the viewer's eyes into the image. The trees on either side of the road prevent the viewer's eyes from leaving the image as they push the viewer's gaze back to the road.

These images work well in good light, in soft light, or in fog.

Patched rural road into fogPatched rural road into fogPatched rural road into fog

Here are a few tips to help get the most from these scenes:

  • Use a longer lens. The first image's trees are not right next to each other. There are large gaps between them. Stepping back and using a longer lens gets rid of these gaps and makes the trees appear right next to each other.

  • Go back and reshoot the scene in different types of light. Look at the difference in mood between these two images.

  • Try to have the furthest part of the road as the brightest part of the road. This will help pull the viewer into the image.

  • Use a small aperture so that everything is in focus.

  • Watch out for wind and set the shutter speed to freeze the leaves and branches.

Enjoy tree-lined roads.


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