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I have been using Luminar since almost their beginning. This software is impressive. The learning curve is minuscule compared to Photoshop. Even though I shoot mainly landscapes and wildlife, I also photograph high school seniors for a school. Working with high schoolers, editing-wise is no joke. Their hormones wreck their faces with pimples. It can take hours to fix this. These students also want images with their friends. When you have multiple people in the same image it doubles or triples the amount of editing work. Having good editing software can make a huge difference. For years I have been using PortraitPro as I never viewed Luminar as a portrait editing choice. I still prefer Photoshop's healing brush to get rid of pimples but for everything else I now only use Luminar.

          Luminar started including portrait editing features in their software. The good news is that Luminar just released for sale their latest update - update 4. This update includes Bokeh AI, which instantly (almost) makes a 3d depth map, masks the person (automatically), and gives you the ability to change the bokeh in the background. The background can also be darkened or lightened. I have been on a webinar with Luminar where this was demonstrated, and it looks really good.

          Combining all the portrait features now make for a compelling suite of tools. Luminar is also celebrating this new release with the best discount they have ever offered. With 40% off you can now get Luminar AI for just $47 (until August 4, 2021). Aurora HDR is also down to $59. In addition, you will get two bonus packs included for free.

          To get these deals click here: Luminar You can buy the update 3 version now and get the update 4 update within the next few weeks.

P.S. I am an affiliate member of Luminar and get a small commission from sales. I personally use this software for every image I edit.


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