Why do photography?

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Photography can be hard and miserable. The weather can be freezing or be too hot. It can rain. The equipment can get heavy, especially after a long hike. The conditions do not always cooperate. We have to get up way too early and return from a sunset far too late. Besides, the gear is expensive. So why do we do photography, and I am talking about landscape photography here? Here are some benefits that motivate me:

  1. There is just something greatly rewarding about getting a great image. It gives a person a sense of achievement, a certain sense of satisfaction. That image is not just a picture, there is an emotional connection, precisely because of all of the adversity mentioned above which was overcome.

  2. It opens up conversations about the photography which we so love. Don't you just love telling the stories behind your images? I cannot tell you how many times people come to my home, start talking about the images on my walls, and then go "wow" when they find out that I took them. It is immensely satisfying when visitors just stare at a large print on the wall and then move even closer to inspect it from close range for even longer. Then the conversation just flows. And who does not love to talk about their passion? This is not a selfish or self-centered conversation about just my passion. Soon inquiry is made of their passions and hobbies. If they are also very passionate about whatever they do it seems to form a bond. Even though our passions may be very different, we often share dedication, overcoming obstacles, and a level of expertise and effort. We just "get" each other's experience. It deepens our friendships or at the very least our understanding of each other.

  3. Being out in nature and witnessing the wonderful scenes that make our images are good for one's soul. It refreshes me. It makes me happy and gives me joy. It melts stress away. I know of a few photographers who view photography as therapy. After a divorce or tragedy they feel that photography helps them to process their thinking and bring healing.

  4. Photography can provide great shared experiences. I have had the privilege to be involved with many photographic workshops. It is awesome to share the experience with like-minded people, to talk shop, to help each other, to see the world as others see it by looking at their images from the same shoot.

What about you, why do you do photography?

Oak Tree Silhouette with Setting SunOak Tree Silhouette with Setting Sun


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