Other stuff at airshows

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A major problem that many photographers face is that we envisage the images we want before we go. One the one hand, this is a good thing. It makes us plan. It keeps us focused. It helps us to get the shot. On the other hand, dreaming about that image we want, can keep us from "seeing" other images. We can be so focused that we don't see anything else that does not look like what we came for. Besides, that which we envision may not happen or pan out. If we stay focused on that which is not happening we may miss other images on offer. This has happened to me. I was so determined to get a shot that I planned to the finest detail. The light was not cooperating. I waited and waited. Then when I turned around the clouds where lit up behind me. Am I not going to shoot that because I came for the shot in the other direction?

          The same is true for airshows. We come specifically to photograph the Blue Angels or the F-35. We come for the fast action. But there are other stuff to shoot too. They may actually have nothing to do with planes. What about the concession stands? What about street photography, there are a lot of people? We need to always have an open mind and be on the lookout for anything of interest to photograph.

          At every airshow I have ever been at there has always been our faithful parachute jumpers.

While our eyes are fixed upon the sky other stuff are happening on the ground. Are they worthy of an image?

Sure, get the image you came for, but then expand your horizon. Let the creativity flow. Even if you don't get award winning images, you are still creating memories and recording life and experiences. So please, don't forget the other stuff.


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