Weather conditions do change

July 30, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

A visit to Mt. Shasta was planned. Everything was researched. The best possible locations were found. An itinerary was drawn up. Then we got there and conditions did not play along. First, we drove up Mt. Shasta were there was supposed to be a meadow with spring flowers for the foreground (and Mt. Shasta in the background). It was still full of snow and ice. In fact, there were over-night skiers getting ready for an adventure. There was no way to get a decent shot. Besides, the mountain hid behind threatening clouds and it drizzled.

          No problem, I thought. We will just head out into the opposite direction towards location number two. After a drive up the mountain on the other side, the weather was still no good for photography. On to location number three ... bad photography weather. By the way, bad weather is often good photography weather and good tourist weather is mostly bad photography weather. This weather was just drab, overcast with almost no definition in the clouds. With the sun gone to rest, we too turned in with no success.

          The next morning we headed up the mountain again (the opposite one to Mt. Shasta). The lake we went to was also still in winter. It was socked in with fog. We waited and waited ... Well, all I could come up with was this:

With no end to the fog we drove down the mountain again. Another location was in our sights. The weather was still no good, but the weather seemed to be changing. There was a huge difference between the foggy weather at higher altitude and that of the valley below. It was still cloudy but they were on the move. Soon enough the weather did change, not completely but enough.

When the weather does not play ball change locations, wait, and wait some more. It is on the fringes of bad photography weather that good weather sometimes shows itself. When weather moves in or out you will find great opportunity for dramatic images. Weather do change. You just need to wait for it. As a result, this was my last image of Mt. Shasta.

I enjoyed the Mt. Shasta area. There is good potential for great shots. When the weather is dead for photography, use the time to scout and wait. Weather conditions do change.


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