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July 12, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

As you know I use Luminar Neo extensively in my image editing workflow. Neo is an image editing platform. The platform itself offers easy, fun, and great tools for your editing needs. It also offers multiple "extensions" which you buy separately to run on the platform. For example, there are extensions that can supersize your images, smart AI sharpening, HDR merge, focus stacking, Noise reduction, and so forth. Both the program platform and the extensions pride themselves on being easy to work, no Ph.D. in software engineering needed.

          Today the embargo lifted on my Non-Disclosure Agreement with Luminar on a new extension. This extension has me very excited. Let me introduce you to Pano Stitching. Now you may ask why we need yet another pano stitching program? We need this one because it is unique and offers complex features that are easily done. You can stitch both RAW and JPEG files. Here are the new stuff I am smiling about:

  • HDR Panorama. Yes, it can do HDR and Pano in one go! Previously, I used to first have to do the HDR processing for each file in my sequence and save them. Then I could use the HDR'ed files to make my Pano. No more, it is now one single step for both tasks.

  • Perspective Adjustment. There is a unique and easy way to change the perspective (both horizontal and vertical) to get rid of distortion. It is fun to use.

  • Pano from Video. You can create a Panorama image from a video file. The program will extract the frames from the video to create a Pano image.

  • Object/Subject Composition Panorama. You can select a person, animal (subject) or object in the video to place in the Pano.

The extension will launch on July 20, 2023.

Here is the link to the software: Click Here. (Please note that I am an affiliate of Luminar and get a small commission if you purchase the software with my link. The commission comes a no cost to you). Then click on Extension packs.


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