Use every opportunity

October 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

We were on a multi-day road trip. Some days we spent most of the time on the road. This means that there was no time for photography. It is easy to say to ourselves, "I only have a half hour, it is not worth it." As a result we don't get the gear out and we don't photograph. On one such day I was ready to leave a half hour before the rest of the group. So while they got ready to go, I got my gear out and went shooting. There was no time to go to a good birding spot. I had to just walk around our accommodations. So what did I come back with, walking only within thirty or so yards from where we were staying? Remember I was stuck in one location for a short half hour.

I slowly walked back and forth watching for birds on the plants around the accommodations. Once a bird flew off, I would look for the next one. Here are the results:

The lesson I learned was to use every opportunity. It may seem as though it is too much of a bother to get the gear out and to pack it up afterwards, if we only have a half hour available to shoot. Yes, you may not get anything, but then again, you may! For me, this half hour was very productive. Whenever an opportunity arises to photograph take it, even if it is a short opportunity.

          Just get out there and shoot.


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