Animal expressions

October 08, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Yes, animals have expressions too. Their expressions change from when they are relaxed to when they are on high alert. Or a predator has a different look on its face when it finds and hunts its pray from that of just resting in the shade. A Heron or an Eagle has a focused look as it targets its pray. If we can capture the image when they wear their expression we have a much more interesting image than we would have had, had the animal or bird just sat there.

          Sometimes these expressions can be humorous. We tend to think of their expressions as human expressions. So these facial expressions mean to us what they would have meant had a human had the expression. This personifies the animal and creates a stronger connection with the viewer.

What does this facial expression tell you? Perhaps it says, "huh," or "what was that?"

Is there a hint of a smile? Is it friendly? Is it happy?

Deep in thought, or just vedging perhaps?

Content and satisfied?

          These expressions or little micro expressions happen quickly and they disappear equally quickly. If is very hard to shoot only to capture these expressions. So, once again, when you photograph wildlife the best bet to capture something interesting is to shoot in bursts when things happen and to use a high frame rate. The higher the better (within reason). This way you end of with ten or twenty images in a sequence and you can chose the perfect one later. This gives you a shot at capturing action, or interaction, or expressions.


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