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When people started tinkering with HDR long ago I hated it. Just about all the HDR images had a similar look. The sky/clouds were gray-ish. Yes, back in the day you could spot an HDR from a mile away. Since then things have improved radically. Today, I too use HDR and love it. The results look natural and colors are vivid.

          My go-to app for processing HDR was Aurora HDR from Skylum. Before I continue, it needs to be disclosed that I am an affiliate of Skylum software. You can interpret that in two ways:

  1. Since I make a few sents when someone buys Skylum software from my link, I must be biased. Hence, for self gain, I promote this software and showcase it as being better than what it really is. Therefore, what I have to say about it must be taken with a bag full of salt.

  2. Since I have access to lots of software from different companies and still choose to use this software from Skylum it must be pretty good. You can get a discount for buying the software from the link in this blog or on the affiliate links page of my website.

By the way, some weeks ago I wrote about other software (DXO PureRaw 2) from which I gain nothing. In all seriousness, I write these blogs simply to share my passion for photography, hoping that it helps someone. Skylum has been in the HDR software space for a long time. Their HDR technology is very mature and very good. In my opinion, their HDR process produces images much nicer than PhotoShop does.

          In the past, you had to use one of Skylum's image editing software offerings for general editing purposes AND buy Eurora HDR for you HDR work. Now, the HDR function is built right into their Luminar Neo product. Two software packages in one! All my HDR work is done using the Skylum software. Here is an example, provided by Skylum:

Here is the link to earn yourself a discount or to learn more about the product:

Discount Link

This software is really top notch and I use it for every image I process (HDR for my HDR work but Luminar Neo for non-HDR images). Please take advantage of the discount.


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