Shooting from elevated positions

October 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I like shooting from elevated positions. The higher your elevation the longer or deeper the foreground - it stretches the foreground out. This translates into more depth. It provides a bird's eye view. It just makes the image more interesting as we don't usually see things from higher up. Who does not want to see things from above the trees?

A higher elevation also helps to minimize a boring sky. The lower down we shoot from the more sky is included unless cut off by high rising mountains. Images taken from a high elevation shooting downwards minimizes the importance of the sky. Such images enable the viewer to see far into the distance. It shows the vast scale of the landscape.

          Many times such images do not require a strong foreground (that which is close, almost in reach). In fact, they often don't have what would traditionally be considered a foreground. People like such views so much that they are willing to hike up mountains just to see the view. A house built high up always makes visitors stare at the view. The same is true of images taken from a high elevation.

          The image above was not taken from a high elevation, I was just elevated above tree level. However, it still has that elevated look that many like to stare at. So let's talk about what I tried to create here.

          Even though I had the option to move to the rocks in front of me thus having no foreground, I opted to stay back to include them. I like for such images to have a base. A base provides a foreground which in turn provides even more depth. Foregrounds help to give a sense of scale. It looks more like a photographer's image than a drone-captured image. I also used the foreground rocks on the right to balance the sun, visually.

          Regardless of having a foreground or not, I highly recommend shooting from higher elevations. Go out there and climb a few rocks and please stay safe. Remember, if you are carrying heavy gear on your back it changes your center point of gravity and can throw you off balance when you lean forwards or to the side.


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