Shapes and patterns

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When on location we often focus on the grand scene in front of us. As landscape photographers we often forget to look for shapes and patterns. Great abstract images can be had by just thinking out of the landscape. How about looking for things that repeat? Have you noticed shadows and light? Are there any patterns? How about this?

This image of Gypsum taken at White Sands National Monument might not be that great. But I like the shadows and light, the patterns, and the texture. This is not the obvious shot to take when you are at a place such as White Sands. Being on the lookout for this sort of image can present great images.

The light is low and much different in this image than in the image before. Once again, we have texture, interplay between light and shadows, shapes and patterns. What makes this image better than the one preceding it?

  • Clear point of interest. A good image usually has a clear point of interest; a place that draws the eye. In this image the viewer's eyes are drawn into the image by the triangle shaped dark dune deep into the image. The eye keeps on going there. The viewer does not have to wonder what he or she is looking at; yet further interest is discovered when looking at the image more intently.

  • The shadows and light compliment each other. It is as if they are working together to make this image come to life.

  • The lines and shapes are dynamic. Diagonal lines and curved lines seem to be more pleasing that plain horizontal or vertical lines.

  • The image has depth. Abstract images work very well without depth, but landscapes with depth mostly seem to work better than those without any depth.

  • A sense of mystery and or discovery. The image evoke questions and begs to be explored.

Try a few images using shapes, lines, textures, light and shadows, and patterns.


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